High Anxiety!

My anxiety is shooting up – at unexpected times and for no apparent reason. OK, I guess there is/are reasons. Work is stressful –  returning to it and being in a new place to teach, and feeling like I’m not up to snuff and worried about it all. Now I’m trying to find a new psych doctor and worry about the money aspect of that. My husband would say not to worry, but do what I feel I need to. But I don’t feel worthy of spending that kind of money on myself. I need to find a doctor, though. My meds run out in about a month and I need a psych to prescribe them. Me with no meds is a BAD thing! I’ve only fairly recently seemed to find a “cocktail” of meds that seems to be a good balance for me. I just sent an email to a prospective doctor. I gave him all the basic facts up front. I hope I hear from him soon. My insurance website provided his name, but then I didn’t see my carrier on HIS list, so I’m worried about that. I’m turning into my mother with worrying!


4 thoughts on “High Anxiety!

  1. Hi H.
    I hear ya. Keep writing. Keep moving that anxiety (exercise). (OK that’s just what I’d do….not telling you that you “should” exercise)

    You are worthy of therapy, You care enough to want therapy and to put the effort in to getting help….could it be that part of your concerns about the costs are just that you care about having enough $ for the therapy?
    Worry is a part of anxiety/stress.
    Sending you love and admiration.

  2. I hope things will work out for you.

    I am glad at least that you have found the right meds together that are helping you. That’s really good.

    Hoping all else will fit in to place.

    Take care of yourself. X

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