Been a LONG time since my last post …

It seems like forever since I’ve written. I haven’t really been gone, just doing more reading and feeling like I don’t have much to share – but that isn’t really the case! After a lot of interviewing, I was offered two different teaching positions. I accepted one and will be starting on August 11th. I’m excited and scared. I’ve not taught for two years and am now in a different state.

The school I’ll be at seems wonderful and my classroom is twice the size of my last one, and FILLED with supplies and teaching materials. Everyone I’ve talked to, at the school, has been wonderfully supportive and welcoming. This seems a wonderful opportunity to have a new start and to feel good about where I’m working and what I’m doing. I know there will be days of anxiousness when I’m unsure of myself. Being aware of that, I need to take a moment and reflect on my skills that have been proven in the past … I am a very good teacher! Especially with students who need special instruction.


Just some pictures I've taken over the years ...

Just some pictures I’ve taken over the years …

The sunset, seen through my window on the jet. Above the clouds. Is this where Heaven is, if there is a heaven?

The sunset, seen through my window on the jet. Above the clouds. Is this where Heaven is, if there is a heaven?


Cement walls closing in. I feel like I will drown.

Cement walls closing in. I feel like I will drown.



Yes, that’s me – fighting off attackers during my black belt test.


My son in the throes of childhood imagination!

I’m in the best place that I’ve been in for a long time (although some struggles persist.) There are several reasons for that, but I won’t go into them now. I’m just grateful for each day. I’m able to appreciate all that is happening around me and am working on changing some of my ingrained ways of thinking and perception. Many thanks to followers and readers of my posts who have provided support and insight to my struggles. You are all very appreciated. My posts will probably become more infrequent as my time is filled with work. But, that doesn’t mean I won’t be reading the posts of others.

I know this blog is always here for me to vent and question and reflect on the moments of my life. It has helped immensely. There will always be more to come along and share with you all.


4 thoughts on “Been a LONG time since my last post …

  1. It’s so great to hear an update for you. Your voice is important as any one else’s and I was looking forward to hearing how you are doing!

    Wow, the new job sounds so good. Something that will be really good for you for many reasons. I bet you wait with trepidation! I’m looking forward to hearing how it goes. I know, still a bit of a wait to go until nearly mid-August, but time goes fast! My sister is due to give birth on the 9th August and that is even coming around real fast too!

    Wishing you well and glad to read from you too xx

  2. I’m so happy for all the progress I sense in your life through your post.

    I love the photos.

    The photo where you are testing for your black belt…..I see such a strong vertical (up and down) core so clearly through your center. there is a spiral action in your lower body and legs while at the same time your head is clearly centered both in your body and looking out at the action you are engaged in.

    Contrast that with your two opponents depicted…. their heads are off-center. The guy in back has his focus on you but his head is not connected (through his spine) into his core strength. He has a strong lower body stance but he is tipping back away from you. The guy in front is ungrounded and caving in on himself while he recoils backwards away from you. Both guys’ hands say a lot too….what ever strength they have in their centers is not connecting out through their hands. Their hands look limp and disconnected from their intended focus.

    You are in motion while at the same time you look as steady and centered as a rock…WOW! Total congruence through your whole body.

    (This is remenants of my movement analyst training).

    Thanks for sharing about your life. Would love to hear how the new job goes.

  3. Thanks for your perception of my body in the multiple person attack. I felt very strong throughout. I finished my test by sparring 10 black-belts, one right after the other. It was an achievement that I’m glad to have made! I will let you know how the job goes. Very excited, yet scared.

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