Thanksgiving with LOTS of People

At my sister’s for Thanksgiving. There were a lot of people! I get anxious in crowds, even if it’s all family. I did end up with a small burn on my arm as a coping mechanism. Something to focus on (the sensation) when the noise and smells of cologne got to be too much. It’ll heal quickly and probably leave no scar. It helped.  I did have a good time and don’t think I ate or drank too much.

My new medication, Latuda, seems to be helping. I see the PA about meds on Monday. I will tell all. I see my counselor on Tuesday. Same same. I’m fortunate that she’s willing to do DBT with me one-on-one since the group meets while I’m at work.

It’s been a good visit to Wisconsin and D.C. to see my family this week. The burn isn’t a big deal, really.

weird feeing after self injury, thrill of the secret shared with myself. I’ve had this feeling before. Part of what can make it addictive. Adrenaline rush. Therein lies a danger.


4 thoughts on “Thanksgiving with LOTS of People

  1. Wow! lots been going on that I didn’t hear about, thought I missed some posts. It sounds like you got some help with meds and you’re seeing a therapist? Well I’m so glad you are getting some help.

    Thanksgiving groups….bleck. I get anxious in groups too. I went to my husband’s family thing yesterday. It was not difficult but I felt disconnected to my center and felt like I was just treading water. I didn’t feel like I connected with others either, but it wasn’t a super negative experience. Fortunately for me there is never any alcohol and no icky dysfunctional family dynamics. The food wasn’t too hard for me this time either.

    It sounds like there is a lot of “movement” in your life right now. The things you were hoping for like meds and a therapist…


    • Yes, lots of movement. Some stressful stuff, at school, that my brother and sister have given me guidance about. No bad family dynamics yesterday, but all the people, noise, etc. make me feel Like I’ve been dropped into the middle of a very busy, noisy and crowded store that I’m totally unfamiliar with. Lights and noise feel oppressing. Having a burn on my arm was a point to focus on (the sensation, though it didn’t hurt at all and was just there) as a grounding mechanism.



  2. I can relate… Good or bad there’s all of the noise, people, and for me, real or perceived expectations… AHH! Cutting calms me down. It’s so hard to explain, I wouldn’t have understood a few years ago. It’s like a drug. I’m glad you made it through and that the trip overall was good!

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