I Love/Hate the Weekends

Friday night is here. I’m glad the work week is over, but … the weekends tend to be the time I have meltdowns into rage, depression, etc. Because of that, I am also fearful of the weekends. Last weekend was horrible. I almost became a street person. I asked my son if he was glad I stayed. His answer was “yes and no.” Ugh, the truth can sure hurt! 

I’ll let you know how it goes. 




8 thoughts on “I Love/Hate the Weekends

  1. I’ll be thinking of you….
    Do you have something planned you can do just for you?…something that would be positive to focus on?
    I hope it goes better with your son.

    • I just got out some paints to try. I haven’t’ painted in years. Maybe it’ll help. Also, since I had a meltdown last weekend, chances are better that this weekend will be ok. How’re you doing?

      • I’m glad you’re painting! I bet it will help. Just a note… sometimes when I do stuff like that it gives me too much time to think. Maybe turn on the radio or something?

        I’m ok. I got a really bad comment again that bothers me a lot. It’s at the bottom of: http://mmstores.wordpress.com/2013/05/25/fucking-mental-cases-you-borderlines-deserve-to-die/ It’s real. The first time this person commented was shortly after this woman died and he commented using her name. He even commented on her legacy.com condolences page with links to songs like “Ding Dong The Witch is Dead”. AND… he commented from a federal government computer. I’m not sure why I seem to get these comments, he isn’t the only one. This one is particularly disturbing because of it’s nature. Anyway, can you imagine a family member running across one of the things this guy has posted? Terrible.

        Otherwise I’m ok, had to stay an extra day in Portland because my sinuses had some problem that caused actual pain which is a first for me, but I’m fine now.

        I hope the rest of your weekend goes really well!!!

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