Feeling a bit better about myself, and life, the last few days. I hope it continues for quite awhile. It is part of the pattern that I feel good or ok (not manic though) for periods of time – until something triggers me. So I will enjoy this time while it lasts. 🙂


6 thoughts on “Better

  1. Great attitude. It’s so easy to just say :”what’s the point of enjoying the stable periods when I’m just going to be miserable later.” Your decision to enjoy it is a good one.

  2. Here here, that’s what I like to hear. OK, that all wasn’t meant to rhyme or anything! Cheers to you… I hope it lasts for as long as possible. We all know that we can dip at the flick of a switch but what we’ve got to do is know that we will have good times like these again and it’s not all doom and gloom. So on we go. x

  3. Thanks, I hope that by acknowledging it here, as a post, that it is like a positive affirmation to help keep things aligned positively. I realize how quickly it can change. Here’s to the good moments!

  4. I think it does help to write about it…acknowledge it while it’s happening. Doing that as much as possible over time, increases it, in my experience. What I’m noticing now is that when I fall into the dark stuff, I can more often move into a bit of myself that remembers there is more good stuff, or even just being able to witness the dark stuff without being totally submerged in it without hope. But that has taken a long time to come. And I had to do the work without seeing any benefits, for a while. That’s the hardest thing….to continue the “work” when you aren’t seeing any benefits.

    You are doing so well and I hope you continue to have more good times.

    • Thanks Gel, It is hard. As I write this, I’m feeling apprehensions about starting a new work week. I know some of this will go away, but it’s uncomfortable and could easily pull me in. But I want to climb out if the darkness, not fall into it.



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