I read a post recently – about eyes and what we see about the person behind them. After a conversation with another blogger, it was suggested that I post my eyes. I’m wondering what others see in them.

This first picture was taken with my laptop camera. I was feeling pretty depressed. 


A few minutes ago, I took another with my phone. 



What do you, the reader see in my eyes?

I know that when more of the face is shown, more can be read into it. Eyebrows up or a wrinkled brow. But to see the soul through the eyes, I wanted to see only the eyes. If  I get a few comments, I’ll edit my post and put what I see, but I don’t want to influence any comments with my own perception. I want to hear what others see. 


10 thoughts on “Eyes

  1. What a striking difference between the first and second photo.
    With the first photo I see ” fear or terror frozen in….kind of like being in a fear state rather then a moment of fear about something in the present. Or like having been in terror and gone into a stuck mode with it.
    You wrote that you were kind of depressed….that was surprising to me….I would never have guessed that the first photo was about being depressed.
    The second photo is harder for me to find words for what I see. The first word that comes is “softening” maybe because I looked at it right after the first photo which is very different. Other words that come to mind are: “more in the present moment”, and “vulnerability”, or just a “letting yourself be seen” quality….but kind of dazed and tired.

    This is a really interesting little project. I look forward to hearing from you how it feels to do this and what other people see.

  2. I think you look more depressed in the second photo 🙂 But that’s my own opinion.

    You’re right, sometimes, it’s more about the whole face rather than just the eyes, especially without the eyebrows. I’d Like to do a project like this. Do a photo every day on my blog of just my eyes and say ‘this is how I am feeling’ and I wonder if it could be seen how I am feeling.

    Interesting 🙂

  3. I see vulnerability and strength. In the first picture, your eyes look fearful, and in the second they seem to see through things, such as when you have a deep understanding of life.

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