Post Assessment

I had (most of) my assessment done by the county a few days ago. Yes, I should have help. It was the 3rd or 4th assessment done in the past year and a half. Why am I surprised that nothing has changed? Some good news, though, is that the county is starting a DBT group in a few weeks. The staff was just trained. But, as usually happens when I’m in the status of getting help, it brings everything to the forefront of my mind. And that makes me depressed. No pretending it isn’t hovering nearby. No denying it’s existence. Facing it is hard to do, but I must. Hopefully, this DBT group will help me to get AND USE tools to make my episodes less traumatic for myself and my family. The thought of talking to people, honestly, generates a lot of fear and wanting to numb myself. But I have to do something. All my meds are gone.


13 thoughts on “Post Assessment

  1. I feel proud of you for getting the assessment and being willing to join a group and learning to use DBT. I hope it helps. Keep us posted if its good for you to share about that stuff.

    How’s your new job going?

  2. I’m really glad you went and really glad you didn’t walk out with nothing. Any kind of change makes me nervous, I think I can relate. I have confidence in you though! πŸ™‚

  3. I’m happy you’re going to have access to a DBT group soon! I think that’s a very helpful kind of therapy. My husband who’s going to be a certified therapist has the manual, and I’ve been reading in it during the past few weeks and found it very helpful how all the different emotions are explained, and I also like the emphasis on mindfulness.

    What you write about getting help (thus working on things) and feeling worse from it sounds very familiar to me. I have PTSD entangled with an eating disorder, and since I’ve started to work on both, I feel that things get into motion finally but I feel very low and irritable at the same time. It’s normal I think that change is unsettling at first, and I tell myself that it’s a phase and things will get better eventually, to calm myself down. I hope the DBT group will help you in the long run, even if life becomes more difficult short-term at first!

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