Worry and Panic about my dog




My dog has been lethargic the last several days. She ran and played hard on Friday. Saturday found her quiet and sleeping. A little stiff, I thought. Same same on Sunday. I began wondering if she’d picked up a bug. That  would take a few days to work through, so I tried to be patient on Monday. By Monday night, I noticed that her stool was very soft, though not diarrhea. She continues to eat, but only wants to get up when she needs to go outside. I was gone for several hours yesterday (Tuesday) and didn’t get home until early evening. Still very lethargic. My husband noticed that some bumps were showing on her snout. Bumps like the ones that erupted on  her snout last spring – and she was on two antibiotics for weeks. Ears down, tail down, trouble getting up from her bed. I felt desolate with worry about what was going on. She’s only a year old.

I was up with her for a couple of hours during the night. She did walk outside (it may have helped hearing deer munching on the twigs and leaves of branches we had trimmed, right next to the.) This morning, she  is walking a little better, but still doesn’t want to get up.  Thankfully, I’m able to get her into the vet’s office in a few hours. So, stool sample in hand (in a baggie), I hope to get some answers and help for her soon. She’s my baby girl, after all, and has been there for me through a lot of depression last fall. She’s my Chi.


9 thoughts on “Worry and Panic about my dog

  1. I’m sorry I’ve been terrible about commenting! I hope the antibiotics and probiotics will help. It’s been hard for me in the past when an animal has been ill. She does look sad in the picture. 😦

    • We had to take her back in yesterday (Saturday). The probiotic helped with her stool, but otherwise she was worse! Yesterday morning she couldn’t even put weight on one of her back legs. is now on a different antibiotic, got a cortisone shot and is now taking prednisone. Finally, she showed improvement today. I think she’s finally on the mend. No clue as to what it is or was though. Even the vet is stumped. She said if we wanted to take her to an internal medicine vet it would probably cost at least $2000. Good thing things have turned around.

      • Oh man I hope she keeps improving! I’m sure it’s frustrating not knowing what’s going on. You guys are getting ready to start a busy season, is your son a senior this year or junior? And you’re getting ready for work… Chi needs to feel good soon! I’m glad things are looking up.

  2. Sorry I missed this post. I hope your dog is better now. I know how difficult it is when your beloved pet gets sick. My cat got really sick last summer and it was hard to see her so down.
    Love to you both.

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