I want to write a post, but my mind is a blank. I’ve been working in my garden a lot, which is very therapeutic for the mind! I think I finally have it all planted and now the tending is to help everything grow. It’s somewhat of a zen garden. There are a few herbs and a cherry tomato plant. Other than that, there are roses (although I’m having trouble getting them to bloom), many different perennials for sun and shade, a slope of succulents, a fig tree, peach tree, Rose of Sharon, tons of rosemary … and a small zen fountain. So rather than write, I’ve decided to share some pictures. Mentally, I’m very good today and grateful for the friends I have and the support and love they have for me (and I for them.)

zen fountain in my garden

zen fountain in my garden

another angle


















IMG_1501                                                                                                                                                                                        IMG_1654











IMG_0172 IMG_0017




9 thoughts on “Visuals

  1. Beautiful. Keep up the good work! I heard that gardening can be very thereputic. In fact, in two hospitals I have been in they have offered gardening as a form of therapy. Has a calming affect and is rewarding.

  2. Beautiful. It reminds me of when I visited friends in Grass Valley CA area, the soil was reddish and rocky. I like the photo of the rosebud.

    Gardening calms my mind too.

  3. I loved to see the pictures of your garden! Gardens are wonderful places, and hopefully I’ll have one myself. It’s so calming to be in the garden, and to have things grow, Zen gardens I love particularly, because I very much like Japanese culture and also because they’re so very peaceful.

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