I Got the Job!!!!

I got the job!!!! I received a call this morning (to alleviate the anxiety of waiting) and was told they were just waiting for verbal contact with one of my references – and that soon followed. They are anxious to have me; and my special education and technology experience. They are even looking towards the end of next year when one of their special education teachers is retiring and possibly putting me in that position (if all works out this year.)

So … Today was a great day!

Thanks to everyone for your positive thoughts and wishes through this. I think it will be a perfect job for me at this time 😃


7 thoughts on “I Got the Job!!!!

  1. This seems like such a perfect fit for you!! Even time to prepare. And shop. You know you’ll need a new outfit for your first day. 🙂

    I have such respect for you, it truly takes amazingly gifted people to work in special needs.

    A good friend has a 10yr old son with maybe autism but other unknown illnesses as well. We, Mark more than I, spend a lot of time with him. He can outwit insanely. He’s not toilet trained, very little verbal but is mobile and WAY too strong. He has extremely poor motor skills but can shoot and score most every time. I love that boy but there’s no way I could sit in a classroom without a full blown BPD freak out from all the noise and movement! Just picking him up from school is a task!

    The majority aren’t made for working with kids like Matt, so glad you are!!

    • Thanks Mandi. I’m really looking forward to working with kids of all kinds again. And the school is excited about the technology skills I bring also. Who knows where it will lead. This position FELT good and the application and interview flowed easily – which bodes well. I’ve learned that when I really work to make an opportunity happen, it isn’t meant to be and goes poorly and falls apart. I can’t believe they already mentioned the special education teacher is retiring next spring! I’ve met her (through a friend) and she just had hip replacement surgery. So, maybe I’ll be able to help her out even more. 🙂

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