It’s Been Gone Awhile.

The sunset, seen through my window on the jet. Above the clouds. Is this where Heaven is, if there is a heaven?

The sunset, seen through my window on the jet. Above the clouds. Is this where Heaven is, if there is a heaven? You can even see the curvature of Earth!

It’s been gone awhile now, the feelings of depression, fear, anxiety and wanting to self harm. I’m happy, but apprehensive. I can’t remember the last time I went this long, feeling good. Judging by the past several decades, it may be temporary, a gift. I doubt it’s gone for good. Life just doesn’t happen like that. Neither does mental illness. Perhaps I am ready to move forward, move on. Whatever the reason, I’m enjoying it. Hence, the decrease in posts lately. I may not be writing as much, but I will continue to read, like and comment on as many of the blogs I follow as I can. I do anticipate spending more time trying to get a job, out walking and hiking with my dog, gardening and spending time with my family. I may even take up drawing again. I took the following photos on a wintery morning in Wisconsin and would like to try and draw them. They remind me of the beauty that can be a part of winter, but also why I moved away from Wisconsin weather.


A grove of snow wrapped trees.

I took these at the Three Pillars Village on the Square grounds next to the Bark River, in Dousman, WI


Perspective … along a fence


I love the reflection on the water.


The river winds away into the distance


Underbrush … I wondered what animals were hidden in it.


2 thoughts on “It’s Been Gone Awhile.

  1. The photos are beautiful! And yes it looks cold. Thanks for letting us know what’s up. I’d been wondering how you are. It’s good to hear the general tone of you life is better.

    That sounds really good…all the activities you have planned. Blessing to you.

  2. Looking back, I see a small downturn around Jan. 27th (Reading through my posts). Funny how I completely lose track of events and timelines. I went back to WI to see my parents for a week, and it was hard to even check my mail/postings let alone write any. Still, things aren’t too bad. I’m not feeling the best today, and I hope it’s not swinging that way again – JUST as I start to feel somewhat normal! But I’ll try to be optimistic and think it’s just a cloud floating through my psyche today. I walked today, but not with anyone like I usually do. I skipped yoga though. I feel irritable and didn’t have the emotional energy to focus on yoga. But I did do some stretching at home.

    Thanks for the kind thoughts and I’m glad you liked the photos. 🙂

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