Job Interview – GULP!

Youths are taught life skills at the workshop

Youths are taught life skills at the workshop (Photo credit: Development Works Photos)

I’ve been feeling much more stable lately, so I finally decided to apply for some jobs. I had applied for two professional ones – never heard about one and the other declined. I also applied for a job at a chain pet store and chain lumber/ hardware store. I was called for an interview at the lumber store and had the interview today. I almost cancelled because I have reservations about working there. But I didn’t and the interview went well, I think. My husband also suggested that I put in an application at a non-profit facility that works with disabled adults. I did some research on it and got really excited! They strive to discover and bring out the abilities, of their clients, that are somewhat hidden by their disabilities. In addition to working on life skill and helping them find employment in the community, the facility also fosters the artist and musician in them. THIS seems like a job possibility that might utilize my experience and education clear through my masters degree! So, I cleaned up my resume, made copies of three of my letters of recommendation, printed out and signed the job description (per directions) and took them in today. I hate to get too excited, but I’d much rather work at this place than the lumber/hardware store. It would be a chance to help people and maybe make a difference in their lives. Keep your fingers crossed that I’ll get a call from them asking for an interview!

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6 thoughts on “Job Interview – GULP!

  1. How Exciting!!!….the last job you described. I can hear your enthusiasm. It sounds like a good fit and with lots of variety.

    Do you know when you’ll hear back from them?

    Good Good Good luck. :->

  2. I’m REALLY exited! I think you’ll get a call back. I know 3-4 different people that work in that field. Many people will take the job because it’s easy to get but don’t have patience or know VERY little about disabilities, so the turnover rate is high. It’s hard to find people that truly care about those they’re working with. A friend of mine, literally the ONLY one I know in person who understands a lot of what I say because she’s been through similar and NEVER judges me for it, works in that field. She has been working with disabled adults for years now. She treats them as people, not clients. I’m excited for you! It doesn’t seem to be a high stress job, she has a lot of fun. I love hearing her stories. So many are like kids in grown up bodies.

    Praying you get the job, love it, and meet people you can relate to!

    • Thanks, I hope I hear soon. I agree that it doesn’t sound too stressful – unlike my special ed. teaching! It might be a great fit for me, especially at this point in my life.

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