Feelings are the Voice of my Nature

As I read this I thought about BPD. If a feeling is the voice of nature inside you, is it always storming? I believe what it says, and it says a lot about my own nature if it is true. I don’t know, but this simple post and statement has given me a lot to think about. I’m interested in what others think of it. Please share your thoughts with me.


“A feeling is the voice of the nature inside you.
Preventing your feelings makes you deny your own nature.”


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3 thoughts on “Feelings are the Voice of my Nature

  1. I’m not sure I understand the post. My brain is a bit foggy right now though.
    I agree that feelings (emotions) are natural. Almost everyone has them. I believe that repressing them is harmful. On the other had how we deal with them is important. Sometimes letting them out in their raw form can hurt others and end up preventing us from getting what we want.

    Sometimes it’s possible to channel intense feelings into dance.

    I often think of feelings as the ‘scent’ of something deeper, a need or something really important to me or something that I value. The feeling is real but it is not the complete by itself.

    Maybe I could think of an example but I don’t feel like writing right now.

    Will you say more about what this post means to you?

    • I’m wondering about the emotional disregulation of those with BPD, like myself, and the turmoil of my true nature that it might reflect. The photo and quote just made me stop to think about it and see how I might connect with the thought. Food for thought was my purpose in posting it.

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