Searching for a Job


Job Search Tools

Job Search Tools (Photo credit: TimsStrategy)


Like it or not, ready or not, I said I would start looking for a job after the holidays – and I have. I’ve applied for two professional positions for which I am qualified, though I’ve not done the specific job before. One brought no response. The other was quickly turned down. I applied for a part time position at a national chain pet supply store last night. WAY over qualified, but it would be something. And has insurance. It was quite a long application and I had to do an online assessment, afterwards, that had 89 questions and was timed per each response – though you didn’t know the time. There were tons of questions about customer service, how you react to stressful situations and integrity situations. I tried to answer quickly and honestly. We’ll see. This week I also plan on transferring my teaching credentials. Then what? What do I do if I’m called? How will I be?


Ready or not, here I come.


8 thoughts on “Searching for a Job

  1. Searching for a job is the biggest pain in the arse. You’re overqualified for more than half the positions you apply for, yet no one gives a call back…and what is it with pet stores and their huge questionnaires? Every pet store I’ve applied to does that. So odd. Anyway, I wish you the best of luck with your search!!!

  2. Yeah for action! I admire you doing this despite the anxiety and the unknowns and the stress. But sometimes putting ourselves out there can keep us from sinking into ruts. Good for you.xoxo

    • Yea 😐 We’ll see what happens.

      I just heard back from my old psychiatrist regarding a request I’d made … not a good answer. Feeling a bit deflated. Tomorrow is a new day though.

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