Home again, home again. Home again, now!

I had a wonderful two week (almost) visit back to Wisconsin to be with my parents for Christmas. I was also able to see and catch up with a lot of friends and previous colleagues. Seeing my elderly father settling into a daily routine, in his independent living apartment community, and stick to it despite having company, gave me a good feeling. He and my mother are comfortable there and have made a lot of friends. My dad gets out of the apartment for a coffee hour and lunch every day – which means that he is seeing and interacting with people other than my mother. When they were still in their house, he would often go for a week or more seeing only her (or me when I went over.) That was stressful for both of them! We all know what it’s like when you spend too much time with only one other person. Even the best relationships can get ouchy! Although my mom has been able to come and visit me here in California, and will again, I doubt my dad will be able to due to physical limitations. That was why it was so important for me to go see them over Christmas.

my son, dad, mom and me

Peter, Dad, Mom and me

Dad, Mom and me

Dad, Mom and me

father and daughter

father and daughter

I also was able to have Christmas with my sisters-in-law and their families. A long tradition on Christmas day, of rotating homes, will no longer include our house unless they all decide to come out here one Christmas! It was a long day starting with picking my son up at the airport after his overnight flight from San Francisco. Then it was back to Grandma and Grandpa’s for a belated Christmas Eve time (when my family usually does Christmas) before we headed down to the in-laws.

My niece and her husband

My niece and her husband

Anxiety always plagues me over the holidays. I know that the get togethers are all about family, but the eating disorder part of my history and mentalness always kicks in and can’t quite do the food thing very well. I don’t purge, but I do over eat and eat to cope with anxiety, little depressions and any little thing I harbor. I’ve never felt able to talk to others very much about my food issues. And there are so many issues that touch upon it!

Peter and his second cousin  (I think that's what his cousin's son would be?!)

Peter and his second cousin (I think that’s what his cousin’s son would be)

drummer boys!

drummer boys!

Spending all that time away from home also drastically impacted my ability to get any exercise or spend time meditating. The weather didn’t make me feel like walking (cold, snow, gray, wind – all the reasons I moved away from Wisconsin winters!) as well as being in my parents small apartment. LOTS of just sitting occurred. I can feel in throughout my body – like a slug. I desperately tried to meditate every day. I think I was successful only once. Every other time, either the phone would ring, someone would walk in or, if I tried before bed, I would fall asleep.

But I am home now. It was a wonderful visit, but it was time to come home. Seven hours of flight time (2 legs) and a mad dash through the Houston airport have gotten me : home again, home again. Home again, now!

Time to go meditate then go for a much needed walk!


5 thoughts on “Home again, home again. Home again, now!

  1. SO glad the trip went well! I was worried that it might be difficult, so many changes. So much to see and do.

    It must be such a relief seeing your parents in a safe place. I’ve told Mark, if I could check into a retirement home now I would. I guess it’s kinda like dorm life without people cleaning up after you. Ok so it’s not like dorm life at all, only that you don’t have to cook. Anyway… I’ve had a few older friends move into nice retirements homes (even worked at one when I was 17!) and it was nice. The social interaction really is a big deal.

    It’s good to see pictures of you and your family, smiles! I’m glad that you’re happy to be back home, I know the transition was hard. Just glad that though there were some rough spots, you got through it all and have good memories. 🙂

  2. Great to see photos of you and family. Thanks for including them.
    Boy I can relate to all the sitting around….I have a hard time with that….being anxious socially and about food etc…then to not get to move much is an uncomfortable (sometimes excruciating) experience.

    But you did it and it sounds like it went OK.
    Sounds like you are enjoying being back home now.
    Before I started my blog and reading and commenting on other nice blogs, I too didn’t talk about my eating disorder very much. It’s so good to have a place to talk about it, and to be heard without judgement and to feel support.

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