Looming ahead

I’ve been home with my parents for three days now and so far so good. I arrived here after being awake for about 36 hours straight (I don’t know how much you can count an hour and a half nap on a plane when you’re hearing all of the noises around you!) 

So far, no anxiety or depression! YEA!!! I’ve been able to visit several friends and do a lot of catching up. Tomorrow brings a blizzard, so I doubt I’m going anywhere.  I bought a peg loom to try and learn how to knit some hats. Maybe I’ll be able to knit one for my niece’s two year old tomorrow. 



3 thoughts on “Looming ahead

  1. Hey, sorry I haven’t caught up with you in awhile. You’ve been on my mind though. I’m glad that things are going alright so far! Have a great trip, will talk to you soon!

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