Synchronize mind and body. A new card. New meaning, new hope.


When you are completely mindful in the present moment, mind and body are synchronized. Here, synchronizing mind and body is connected with developing fearlessness, in the sense of being accurate and direct in relating to the phenomenal world. That fearless vision reflects on you as well: it affects how you see yourself. You begin to realize that you have a perfect right to be in this universe. You have looked and you have seen, and you don’t have to apologize for being born on this earth. You can uplift yourself and appreciate your existence as a human being. This discovery is the first glimpse of what is called the Great Eastern Sun, which is the sun of human dignity, the sun of human power. 


This was such an affirmation for me! I have a right to be here. I don’t have to apologize (to myself or anyone else) for being born or feel bad about being born. And if I have a  right to be here, then perhaps there is a REASON I am here, there is good to come from my presence even if I don’t see it or feel it. Regardless of diagnosis, labels, disabilities, or what I have thought and done to myself, there is dignity and power in my humanness.


As I continue to work on my meditation and mindfulness,  I will remember this. As I achieve greater mindfulness, perhaps there will also come moments of peace, hope and joy for my life.



Clouds on a summer day


4 thoughts on “Synchronize

  1. Nice! I like how you are using this tool as a way to focus and give yourself support.

    I like this line: “Regardless of diagnosis, labels, disabilities, or what I have thought and done to myself, there is dignity and power in my humanness”.

  2. Continue to stay mindful of the present moment. Marsha Linehan’s modules for treating BPD cover emotional regulation, distress tolerance, interpersonal effectiveness and mindfulness. My clients seem to really benefit from dialectical behavioral therapy. Remember to observe rather than judge your emotions. Sit with them and they will pass. Like riding a wave.

    • I do want to learn to sit with my emotions. I know that in doing so I will be able to ride the wave. I know they will pass, although they are intense while in the moment. It is SO hard to at this point. I am hoping that meditation will help me to do so. I have been encouraged to do DBT therapy but don’t have insurance currently to help me afford it.

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