Go Beyond Fear


Fear (Photo credit: Susi Watson)

As I was sitting at my laptop responding to comments and catching up on reading blogs, I happened to see my Shambhala cards and realized I hadn’t pulled one out in quite awhile. I had been posting a few of them months ago. They seemed relevant as points to ponder; for me at least. So, pausing in my blog readings, I picked up the box and pulled out the next card, #10 … Go beyond fear.

OK, my attention has been caught! I have been struggling, as I have been meditating over the last couple of days, because there is some kind of blockage that I know is caused by fear. That fear is on top of my always ongoing fear of abandonment, loss, and a whole slew of other bits and pieces that basically have made me afraid of truly enjoying life. Go beyond fear.

I turn the card over to read the commentary.

“When you examine your fear, if you look beneath the veneer of your nervousness, you find sadness.” OMG! This is me! How many times has my husband told me that he wishes I could be happy and that he doesn’t think I ever will be. “Nervousness is cranking up, vibrating all the time. When you slow down, when you relax with your fear, the sadness is calm and gentle. In the Shambhala tradition, discovering fearlessness comes from working with the softness of the human heart.” 

I am getting reading to do my meditation; the same one that I have struggled with for the past few days. My hope is that, after having read this card and reflecting on it, I will make more progress today. I have always thought that fear was at the base of my emotions. It is a new thought to think that the fear actually masks sadness. But it makes sense for what else would be the balance to happiness other than sadness? Yin and Yang.


5 thoughts on “Go Beyond Fear

    • Different. At first I saw a pinpoint of light in the distance. Then, it seemed like I saw a searchlight or light from a lighthouse going round and round. And then it looked like an I was in an underwater cave with bubbles going up.

  1. Yeah, I find grief underneath fear and sometimes anger too.

    I really admire your process. Seems like you are tapping into courage the way you are doing things lately.

    I like the colors in the photo. It looks more like a painting to me.

    • I agree, it does look like a painting. I clicked on it and this was the photographers caption, “Fear is so often misunderstood. It can propell change and in some instances beauty, yet it has a very dark sad core.” I thought it was really interesting that the photographer ALSO spoke to the sadness beneath fear, as the Shambhala card had!

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