I’m re-blogging this because of a comment discussion with Jaen Wirefly after she posted it. I have difficulty being mindful because I can’t keep my attention on it. Jaen suggested that ADHD may be common (in her opinion) with those with BPD. As I see the truth of it in myself – though undiagnosed – I’m wondering how many others also see that in themselves also. So this post is somewhat of an informal survey. If you have BPD, do you also feel you have ADD or ADHD? I’d also appreciate any comments you have regarding it and mindfulness and/or mindfulness meditation meditation. I keep trying it but have difficulty keeping my attention on it if I am sitting (the more well know way.) Jaen has suggested I try walking mindfulness. I’m going to give it a try! Have you tried either?

Feel the earth beneath bare feet.


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