Never Give Up

Shambhala card #4

Never give up on anyone or anything.



Commentary: In the wakeful vision of Shambhala, which we call the vision of the Great Eastern Sun, no human being is ever a lost cause. We don’t feel that we have to suppress or put a lid on anyone or anything. We are always willing to give things a chance to flower.

In all my fears and insecurities, my self doubt and inward anger (much less outward anger) I often feel that I am a lost cause. Life is a lost cause. This card reminds me that this is not so. Please do not give up on me and help me see that I have reasons to not give up on myself.


3 thoughts on “Never Give Up

  1. I’m not giving up on you! You have LOTS of reasons not to give up on you. Your family of course. This “family” of bloggers needs you too. You have a gift of encouraging and inspiring!

    • Thanks Mandi. I don’t feel very encouraging or inspiring tonight. I actually quite despise myself (as a mother) but I won’t give up. What’s the alternative? Death? Not an option even if it is a thought.


  2. I know how it feels to want to give up. It’s good that you blogged your feelings so you can figure out better ways to deal with life. Hugs.

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