Every Face – A New Perspective

I’m reblogging this because my comment on it, and the response I got, actually helped me feel better. A relapse doesn’t seem as bad as a disorder continuing on into yet another decade of your life. It’s just a relapse due to stress and triggers and will subside as the stress subsides. AND I am finding that to be true now as my husband has joined me, our house has sold, our belongings are here with us, and life is slowwwwllllly normalizing. My symptoms are decreasing – not gone, but decreasing. So I’d like to thank Amy for her response to my comment and share her post through re-blogging it. =)


3 thoughts on “Every Face – A New Perspective

  1. I’m curious to find out more about how blogging helps you feel better. You said the responses you got helped? Is that because reaching out with people, connecting with others helps in some way?

    I’m only asking because I’m just starting my own blog, and I’m hoping that that is the case.

    It’s scary and daunting to expose my true self to the entire interweb… it stirs up all kinds of shame and guilty feelings that I usually prefer to keep hidden. But, if blogging can help me move forward in my life, I’m willing to give it a go.

    What do you think Do you have any words of encouragement for a newbie blogger? Any advice?

    I’m glad your symptoms are decreasing too. I hope you feel better. 🙂

    • Blogging gives me a forum to really say what I’m feeling. I can’t do that at home. My husband doesn’t want to talk about feelings. I live in a new area and don’t have close friends (never really have anyways) to talk to, so this lets me … I don’t feel that I’m judged here and I often get comments from people who share similar experiences, so I don’t feel so alone in what I’m going through. That’s what helps me feel better. It’s my online support. And it’s pretty darn coll to look at the stats page and see that people from all over the world have read what you’ve had to say, and some even like to keep up with you regularly. That’s something to look forward to … it kind of helps keep you accountable. And you read their blogs too. As on of my blogger friends calls us … her MFF – Mental Friends Forever! Hope this helped. Good luck with your blog. I’ll follow it!

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