Time is slipping away

I’m down to just a few days before the move … gulp! Tomorrow morning is my last meeting with my psychiatrist here, and I don’t have a new one set up in CA, just a psychologist, if she works out. thin thread of connection ….

I’m really thinking about the full size voodoo doll John suggested! How could I contrive a device that would make it bleed so that I wouldn’t have to?

One good thing happened though. Someone did find the pouch I had my license and insurance card and money in when I went to see Roger Waters and they called (they only live 20 minutes from me and the concert was 2 1/2 hours away!) I’m meeting them to get it back this afternoon. I already spent the money to have my license reissued, but it’s still nice to know that there are honest people out there who aren’t out to steal your information.

The good-bye gatherings are over. I’m about done packing. Luckily, I having broken down in tears during them, which has made them much more comfortable. It will be different with my parents though. I’m desperately trying to get them using skype. My mom, at 87, is struggling with it. Time to remind her of my new mantra … Where there is life, there is hope! (How many of you have I posted that to lately?!)

At one of my good-bye gatherings of work friends (special educators) I was told that when your journey comes to a fork in the road and one direction is less comfortable or easy that the other, it is the path you are meant to take. That is my journey now into recovery. Into California, without my husband being at my side right away. Into a new life. It won’t be easy. But I know I can do it and will be a better and stronger person for choosing that path.

English: Fork in the path up The Cobbler

English: Fork in the path up The Cobbler (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Over the next couple of weeks, my posts may be sporadic. I will do my best to check in, even if by “liking” posts that I regularly follow and commenting with a brief word or two. I’ll post when I can.

Peace and love to you all! – Hawkruh (Hawk)

Post Note:I connected with the guy who found my drivers license today. He refused to accept any reward! There still are good people. What a joy. Also, the man who painted our front room thinks his nephew might be interested in buying our house.. Maybe things are turning around. Time will tell. I’m feeling in a good place at this moment in time. I think I will  be mindful and enjoy it for as long as it lasts.

I believe our true nature is joy

I believe our true nature is joy (Photo credit: HeedingtheMuses)


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