Post Wall Night (w/ video of “The Trial” )

I had a good night, mostly (I lost my drivers license and insurance card and about $40 on the way to the show, now I’m anxious about identity theft!)

The show was an incredible production! The Wall / stage was huge and live video layered with produced video as the wall was built and torn down in ways that are too creative too describe. There had to be 70,000 people there! Luckily, the beginning wasn’t as sad as when my husband and son saw it two years ago, than God!, so I wasn’t sobbing. There were some shots of people who had died in war and it really emphasized the loses to families. With the loses I am currently facing, it hit home. I wore a rubber band on my wrist to snap and twist and help keep me present and focused on the concert. It helped.

The whole concert was a buildup that is actually anti-war, capitalism and shows how society tries to pound (literally) norms into us to make us all alike. I’d recommend the concert, movie, cd, to everyone – but … trigger warnings!!!!! They are intense.

For those of you that are familiar with the wall, there’s a lot of mental illness in it!

Boy did I relate. It was a powerful night.


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