The Wall – Today

An enclosed life guard tower at Ala Moana Beac...

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Today is the day we go to see Rodger Waters performance of The Wall. I’ve been looking forward to this for months. I’ve been told that although it starts out very depressing, with the death of his father during WWII, by the end, the message is uplifting. I’ve always felt the movie and album to be emotionally intense. I’ve been on edge emotionally for the last few weeks now, as my move gets closer. This morning, my son talked me into watching Act of Valor with him and I finished the movie with a half hour of crying as one of the main characters die right before becoming a father, by throwing himself on a grenade to save his special force members. I had been warned, but I still was unbearable. So why am I going to watch a performance that will be filled with images, music, and tenseness that will stretch me? Because I don’t want this illness to keep me from the world and experiencing  events like this that are once in a lifetime chances to do with my family. They know it may be hard for me and I will probably be in tears. I will ask for the hugs I need.  Lots of emotions about loss and family will be flowing. Please keep me in your thoughts. I’m jumping into deep waters, but with floaties on and a rope around my waist and the life guard alerted! See you all tomorrow.


3 thoughts on “The Wall – Today

  1. The water is cold, so go slowly, and everything will be ok. I am thinking of you. Have a great time, and create some super memories.

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