Feelin Kinda Jumpy

Sleep mode.

Sleep mode. (Photo credit: LeeLeFever)

I’m still kind of sick, groggy in the head and whooshy in my thinking. But coming out of it. I decided to stretch out on the couch for a bit this afternoon, just to relax. Before too long, my lets got that jumpy, restless leg feeling. More than restless though. They literally were stomping,  kicking each other and the couch. I was hard put on what to do and almost ended up getting up and cutting my bangs again (like I did twice last week). I  was  in a half wake half sleep mode when this feeling came across me. Does anyone else ever have this sensation?How do you handle it? It seems just shy of having a seizure, but not having a seizure. It is a feeling that could easily lead to self harm. It demands action take place. For now, I was able to get  up and move around.

Ugh,  I just want to sleep and avoid everything tonight. Maybe tomorrow I’ll find out about qualifying for long term disability or not. I don’t know what I’ll do if I don’t qualify. Back to the drawing board. We’re not having much luck selling our house either. Two weeks until I move. Empty.


One thought on “Feelin Kinda Jumpy

  1. Could one of your meds be causing this? or maybe just WAY too much stress? I too am waiting to see if I will qualify for disability. It leaves me with higher anxiety (which I already suffer from).As with you I have no feeling what I will do if I do not qualify. Talk about self harm. I will keep you in my thoughts, and pray that all goes well for you.

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