Tag – You’re It!

Trying to be spontaneous today =)

And yes that is me … part of my black belt test. Multiple attack.



5 thoughts on “Tag – You’re It!

    • I’m about to dis that slap and punch him in the gut! There are a few others that didn’t make it into the picture. All good guys. They’d all have my back if need be, and I’d have theirs. Lots of hugs afterwards. But during testing, the heat is ON! Final test was sparring 10 black belts, one right after the other.

    • It was a great challenge! But I still undermine myself saying I didn’t do it as well as the men did … or the younger people … But I was the first woman black belt out of our dojo (and it’s been in our location for over 20 years!) and I was 47 at the time!) I always want to have done things as well as anyone else did, not to have any exceptions made because of my age or gender.

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