It’s a new day and the sun is shining, so I’ve decided to smile!

After looking back at some of my recent posts, I decided that I needed a positive post, however brief. So here it is:

Today is Memorial Day here in the United States. I’ve had many family members who’ve served our country as far back as the Revolutionary War. Here I have to mention a family member, Begordious Hatch, that my father has discovered through his genealogical searching and the name has cause much eye rolling between my siblings and myself (my father will even say that he crossed the Delaware with General George Washington! Oh, that it were true, but it brings pride to my father.)

I also have to smile when I look back at pictures of my son and some of his costumes when he was younger.


Yes, it is a yellow toilet seat this fireman is sitting on!


Yo Ho Yo Ho it’s a pirates life for me!


He’s the little soldier in this picture



Batman takes a break from bulldozing to do some birdwatching with Grandma

It’s almost time for me to wake him up to march in the Memorial Day Parade. He plays the quad drums for the high school.

  Now he’s 6’1″ and 16! And the joy of my life. He still says he loves me and gives me warm hugs. He adores his grandmother and grandfather in very different ways. I have been very blessed with him. And I don’t think he has any of my mental illness. He is very down to earth about things.

Although I get very frustrated with my husband, he has also been a blessing in my life. My 20’s were probably the worst period for me and I was very angry that I was being denied a family at that time. But my husband, in his wisdom, held off. Because he did, we waited and our son was the result when the time was right. I do believe in timing. I have many, many reasons to smile today. And smile I will.


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