How to Grow

OK, now I’ve  found my lost follower, my day turned around some. I’ve realized that losing followers will happen. But I would like to attract more followers also. How? I started blogging after reading  Through My Eyes: Adventures in Borderline Land and thought blogging might be a good way for me to do some writing about my thoughts and experiences. If anyone has any thoughts or suggestions about what has worked to increase their following, I’m reading to read! I read someone else’s blog and they are up to 5,000 hits  after 2 months! How on earth does that happen? Well, I’d rather that people read mine who have similar interests or issues (you know what I mean). I hope we all want to be there for each other in some way or another. I didn’t realize how much it meant until I briefly lost one person, and then saw how happy I was to regain them. Abandonment issues I guess. Anyways, I’m looking for ideas and feedback … tags? categories? topics? titles? Thanks again to everyone.


12 thoughts on “How to Grow

  1. They say frequent posts drive more followers, but as many know, I don’t post frequently… I don’t post regularly either so i really can’t confirm this.

    I found having my own pictures on my post put hits up also.

    Post what you want… Your blog, your rules. My little suggestion would be your trials and tribulations, recovery qnd conquer of BPD. No matter how big or small, get it off your chest, find advice, help others with your experience. Take a photo of the moment, the trouble, or the result. Have fun with it, cry while you type, laugh and smile t your comments.

    But remember, your blog your rules. You can’t please everyone, trust me, I’ve found many people who think my blog is uncouth.

  2. Thanks for your words of wisdom and honesty, John. I can’t write a blog that is anything other than honest. And my trials, tribulations and (Yes I will!) recovery from BPD and all it entails are the biggest challenges in my life right now – even bigger than a move half way across the country! Wow, I get to write the rules? Really? No ones going to change them on me half way through the game? Too Cool!! Maybe I’ll experiment/stretch them a bit to see how it feels. As for yours being uncouth, well, you must be saying things that people are thinking, but are hesitant to say out loud. Bravo!

      • Ok, I said thank you for the mention, and that I do get more views and therefore more followers when I post daily. Also commenting on other blogs helps, and there are websites that can help get you more traffic. It doesnt necessarily mean more followers but its more exposure, sites like alphainventions, blogsurfer, or freewebsubmission.

  3. I don’t think it really matters how many followers and hits you have. Sure it’s an ego boost when you do get more followers and hits, but I really don’t like reading the blogs that write exclusively to make other people happy. You can tell that they aren’t really being themselves. I enjoy reading blogs about peoples lives where you can tell that they write from the heart. I think I’m in a minority reading and writing these blogs, but I’d rather be in the minority and for people to like my blog because they like the real me, rather than me being fake just so I get more likes! I have been blogging for a year and a half and have just over 150 followers. Some of these followers I now talk to on a daily basis and I would class them as friends, reather than followers. I think I prefer it this way.
    So just do what you do! Write how you feel, so it’s for you and no one else!!
    I’ll add you too my pet blogs too, hopefully people will click on you 😉
    Love HS xox

    • Thanks, I think I was having an extremely low self esteem day. I’ve realized that I just have to write what I feel. If people what to read it- they will. If they decide they want to follow it – they will. I appreciate those who have and try to reciprocate. Actually, the smaller numbers make that easier! But I do try to write honestly and from the heart. Thanks HS!

      • I agree, smaller numbers make it easier! But then I’ve always been the type of people to have a few close friends, rather than a big group 🙂
        I understand the low self esteem about it too, you aren’t the only one, I’m just having an incredibly good day today!

  4. I like what all of these commentors wrote here to your question. I especially resonate with what Hellosailor wrote.
    One thing I’d add to what has already been mentioned is to write a question at the end of each post, or ask people to share what their experience is on the topic. That is if you are interested in what other people have to say. I notice that a few of my favorite bloggers do this. It makes me feel welcome and invited to participate. Being careful to only ask for advice if that is really what you want….I like to ask people what their experience is rather than asking for advice. I just find that more helpful.

    I haven’t been asking questions at my blog lately because I’ve had very few commentors. I did during the first few months of my blog but then I stopped when so few people even visited or commented. I felt silly asking for input then.

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