Time to try out the strategies …

After 3 weeks, I’m done with my 6 hours/day 5 days/week partial hospitalization program. I’m nowhere near done with what I need to do, but I now have some tools and support to move forward with.

Coinciding with this is the ‘for sale’ listing of our house. Big stress-or! I know I will have plenty of opportunities to practice what I’ve learned. Communication seems to have improved between my husband and myself lately. I also am better able to have and hold onto my own boundaries, while respecting the boundaries of others. I realize these are small steps, but they are steps forward. Image


4 thoughts on “Time to try out the strategies …

  1. Amazing photo!
    I like how you are taking stock of where you are at. And it sounds like taking small steps forward is a way to be realistic and kind to yourself.

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