Good-bye FaceBook

I just deactivated my FB account. All I did was try to find out what was going on at work – even though I’m on FMLA for the rest of the school year and won’t be returning to school. It was suggested that I just don’t check FB. Yeah, right. I can’t just not check it. If it’s there, I’m on it. 

I take this as a positive move on my part, separating myself from a sick environment. Image





2 thoughts on “Good-bye FaceBook

  1. Social networks didn’t work for me. I became obsessed with checking my page to see if people responded to my posts. I didn’t put much effort into the posts but became sad when others didn’t respond.

    I find blogging much more satisfying. I spend time writing my posts and commenting on what others wrote. Stats aren’t important; healing is the main objective.

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