Who am I and What do I Want?

I am hoping to discover who “I”really am. People tell me that they see me in my son and how much like my dad I am. But what does that mean? Who am I? If I’m asked a political question, I usually say I don’t believe any campaign stuff. My views mimic those of my husband. I stay out of discussions because the tones of disagreement make me feel very anxious – as does any disagreement unless I’m the one being angry. Who am I? What am I? I just hope to hell this isn’t something I’ve passed on to my son. I don’t know how muchore of this my husband can take …. He won’t even talk about it and I don’t think he knows about my recent cuts or burns. I feel like I’m hiding in the bushes watching the world and hoping no one will hurt me. I feel pretty unlovable by who I want to love me- my husband. Where is the unconditional love ” in sickness and in health” of our vows?
Why was comfort and hold not a part of them? If there was one thing I could ask for, it would be that he would wrap his arms around me in love, comfort and safety.



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