Emotions show

Emotions show (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Right now I want to cry … and to throw something. I just tried to call my husband and got his voice mail, so he’s either driving or doesn’t want to take a call. All I could say was the time, and “I miss you” before I started crying. I really wanted to hear his voice. So now I want to throw something in frustration and anger. I feel so alone and lonely today. I know I’ll see him in 3 days, but that doesn’t matter to how I feel today. Three days is a long time.


One thought on “Emotions

  1. You’re husband may be driving or taking a shower or taking a nap or watching a TV show or a million other things. I know that Borderline feeling of: Wanting NOW. It’s hard to delay gratification when your mind is telling you that you need comfort: RIGHT NOW, from this person. He will call and you will talk to him. Right now, you may be upset, but now will pass and later will come.

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